Jackie Kennedy Costumes

Are you looking to dress up as a classy First Lady for Halloween? When we look back on US history, Americans fondly remember President John F. Kennedy’s wife Jackie in her iconic two-piece pink suit and stylish ’60s hair. If you want to dress up as this legendary First Lady, we recommend these beautiful Jackie costumes and accessories to create the look. You can also dress up for Halloween as a couple by getting the John F Kennedy mask for your partner. Classic Jackie O costumes are also good for dress-up parties, patriotic holidays like President’s Day, and historical events.

Jackie Kennedy Pink Dress

First Lady Pink Dress

This vintage 2 piece pink suit will look great as a Jackie Kennedy costume for Halloween. If you want to look like a classy historical figure like Jackie O, we recommend this iconic pink dress.

50s Jackie Kennedy Wig

50s Jackie Wig

Complete your Jackie O costume with this classic ’50s style wig.

Jackie O Pink Costume

Jackie Kennedy Pink Costume

If you want to revisit 1950’s style, grace, and poise this Halloween, you should wear this vintage style pink dress made famous by America’s most memorable First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

JFK John F. Kennedy Mask

John F. Kennedy Mask

This is a nicely detailed vinyl full Halloween mask of John F. Kennedy. This JFK mask will fit most adults.

We hope you were able to find what you are looking for. If you are interested in former president masks and media celebrity Halloween costumes, take a look at our sidebar menu for more political costume ideas.