Catwoman Halloween Costume Ideas

This Halloween season there is a wide variety of cute, sexy, or even scary cat women Halloween costumes to choose from. So many in fact, you might have a hard time deciding on which cat costume you want to buy. The most popular versions of Cat Women Halloween costumes are the Halle Berry’s CatWoman costume, the Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman costume from Batman Returns, and Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman jumpsuit as seen in the newest Batman sequel The Dark Knight Rises directed by the talented Christopher Nolan. The theatrical costume version with the Catwoman goggles is available. If you are looking for sexier cat costume, we recommend the Halle Berry movie Catwoman outfit or the Eartha Kitt Catwoman costume. For plus size woman, we recommend that you purchase the cat mask kit and any comfortably sized black bodysuit to recreate your own full figure cat woman Halloween costume!

Catwoman Deluxe Adult Costume

The Batman Movie Catwoman Costume

The Catwoman made her cinematic return in the new 2022 The Batman movie! Zoe Kravitz portrays the new Catwoman which inspires this new cat burglar costume that was featured in the movie.

Batman Returns Catwoman Costume Michelle Pfieffer

Batman Returns Catwoman

This outfit is inspired by Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns movie. It features Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman costume which includes the black cat jumpsuit with grey stitches, corset style belt, boot tops, and cat mask.

Batman Classic 1966 Series Grand Heritage Catwoman Adult Costume

Classic 1966 Catwoman Costume

This classic Catwoman outfit is based on the original 1960’s Batman TV show. Actresses Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar brought this memorable character to life on the small screen. This TV replica costume set includes the jumpsuit, gloves with nails, gold belt, cat ears, eye mask and necklace. An official Batman brand costume from the Grand Heritage Collection by Rubie’s.

Secret Wishes Catwoman Costume Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises Movie Catwoman Costume

Inspired by the movie The Dark Knight Rises, this sexy Catwoman costume by Secret Wishes features a jumpsuit, gloves, molded cat eye mask with attached ears, and belt. Officially licensed. Women sizes X-Small to Large.

Deluxe Child Catwoman Costume Dark Knight

Deluxe Catwoman Costume for Girls

This child Catwoman costume is based on the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. This deluxe version features a black stretchy jumpsuit, belt, gloves, eye mask headband and stylish boot covers. An official Dark Knight Rises outfit for kids.

You have popular cat women costumes based on famous fictional characters like Catwoman from the Batman comic books, television, and movie series.  Or you can go for the more sexy tight cat women bodysuits that will get every man’s attention during Halloween night! Below is our list for the best Catwoman Halloween costume ideas for this season, including the new Anne Hathaway Catwoman costumes from the new Batman movie!

Actress Anne Hathaway is the latest Hollywood actress to disguise herself as the Catwoman in the Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” Many Batman fans loved watching Hathaway’s interpretation of Catwoman aka Selina Kyle however this actress is just one of many famous Hollywood women such as Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Barry, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, and original Catwoman Julie Newmar to play the feline villianess in television and movie adaptions of the DC comic book character. The Dark Knight Rises is believed to be last Batman movie to be directed by Christopher Nolan who originally took over the franchise in 2005 with Batman Begins. So nobody is sure about the future of Batman. Maybe Catwoman can get her own movie spinoff. Actress Anne Hathaway expressed her interest in reprising her character, “The Cat” Selina Kyle, in her own movie, but she revealed in an interview that there is no official discussion for it. Even if Hollywood decides not to create a new Catwoman movie, you can still reprise the character in your own cat costume for Halloween.

Here’s a little history on this feline character. You can use the word convoluted to describe the biography of Catwoman’s comic book storylines which goes far back as 70 years in DC comics. Her introduction presented her as the Cat, a skilled jewel thief who prowled like a cat burgler but without super powers.The Batman comics first introduced Catwoman’s Selina Kyle as a villain back in 1940. It’s said today that Selina was based upon creator Bob Kane’s second cousin Ruth Steel. She was a very sexy and strong female character even at the start, displaying a full skin-tight black body suit and trademark leather whip. Maybe it was this risque outfit that got her into trouble with the public because she mysteriously disappeared from the comic book universe for twelve years following 1954 when the US established of the Comic Code Authority which regulated the portrayal of women characters in comic books until 1966.

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