Frank-N-Furter Costume Rocky Horror Picture Show

Halloween is the best time to stage your own version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! In the classic cult musical Rocky Horror Picture Show, the most standout character in a cast of eccentric misfits is Tim Curry’s Doctor Frank-N-Furter who is a cross-dressing mad scientist who owns a mysterious dark mansion called Frankenstein’s castle hidden somewhere in the mountains where a conservative engaged couple named Brad Majors and Janet Weiss find themselves lost and their car breaks down in a heavy downpour of rain. In their desperation for help, they reluctantly enter the spooky castle where they meet Dr. Frank-N-Further who announces that she’s from Transsexual, Transylvania and the couple is crashing their annual Transylvanian Convention where the fun just starts to being. If you have seen the movie, you know what happens next and that’s why you want to dress up in a Frank-N-Furter Rocky Horror costume inspired by the 1975 cult classic film which, by the way, has the longest theatrical release in film history because it’s still in limited release.

Frank-N-Furter Costume

Frank N Furter Costume

You’ll look just like the outrageous and crazy Transylvanian Frank-N-Furter in this official Rocky Horror Picture Show costume which includes the vest, briefs with garters, sequined fingerless gloves.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 British movie directed by Jim Sharman, covering many film genres including musicals, comedies, horror, and rock opera. It’s ultimately a parody of B-movie horror and science fiction movies. Originally, this story was a musical stage production written by Richard O’Brien and titled The Rocky Horror Show, which was then adapted into a screenplay by Jim Sharman for release as a feature film to great success. It’s still in limited release after 45 years and has developed into a cult classic, becoming popular as a midnight movie as moviegoers began participating in the film by dressing up in costumes of the movie characters and acting out scenes along with the film. These costumes are perfect for attending a screening and playing along with the film, or for any Halloween or costume party! So get ready to do the time warp dance in this outfit at your next movie screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!