Frank-N-Furter Costume Rocky Horror Picture Show

Halloween is the best time to stage your own version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show! In the cult movie classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, Doctor Frank-N-Furter, originally played by Tim Curry, was the eccentric owner of the dark and dismal castle located out in the middle of no-where, deep down in the Wilde’s of Transylvania mountains. Janet Weiss and Brad Majors didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for when they turned that car around and headed into the spooky castle grounds. Now you can dress just like the main himself in a Frank-N-Furter Rocky Horror Costume from the 1970’s cult classic film.

Frank-N-Furter Costume

Frank N Furter Costume

You'll look just like the outrageous and crazy Transylvanian Frank-N-Furter in this official Rocky Horror Picture Show costume which includes the vest, briefs with garters, sequined fingerless gloves.

This costume is one of the best costumes available on the market today and will have you looking just like Frank in his big castle of torment. The costume starts with the black vest, tied together with black lace and slightly open at the bottom, if you are a little sensitive over your figure you may want to wear something underneath this. Moving further down, the costume includes black brief type pants which has a brown belt and attached black suspenders which attach directly onto the black fishnet stockings. The costume is completed with half length black arm mitts which add to the overall effect. This adult Rocky Horror Frank-N-Furter costume comes in standard and XL sizes. You may consider adding a Frank-N-Furter wig to your order to finish off the full effect of the costume. Get ready to do the time warp dance in this outfit at your next movie screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!