Hillary Clinton Halloween Masks for Sale

Some people take politics seriously, whiles others find ways to poke fun at it. One way of having fun is wearing a Halloween mask of a controversial political figure! Back in 2016, many were surprised with the results of the US Presidential election. The former First Lady Hillary Clinton didn’t achieve her goal of becoming the first woman president of the United States of America like the media projected. Even though she didn’t win, Hillary and her husband Bill are still popular costume characters due to the past political scandals. Aside from wearing colorful pantsuits, Hillary is also known for wearing many different hats through her life being the former First Lady, Senator of New York, and former Secretary of State. Now it’s your opportunity to wear her Halloween mask! Listed below are funny Hillary Clinton Halloween masks on sale online. Pair this up with a Bill Clinton mask and you can go out as a satirical political couple to your next dress up costume party.

Hillary Clinton Mask 2015

Deluxe Hillary Clinton Mask

If you want to be the first potential female President of the USA, we recommend this quality Halloween mask. This vinyl masks showcases he former First Lady’s signature facial features and hairstyle. Available in one size fitting most adults and teens.

Cheap Hillary Clinton Mask

Economy Hillary Clinton Face Mask

This a vacuform face mask of Hillary Clinton. This plastic half mask has attached elastic bands that make it easy to wear over your face. Simple and affordable.

President Bill Clinton Halloween Mask Sale

Bill Clinton Mask

Disguise yourself as former 42nd US President Bill Clinton and potentially the first male First Lady in this vinyl Halloween mask for adults.


Crooked Hillary Prison Costume Orange Prison Jumpsuit

Create Your Own Crooked Hillary Costume: Orange Prison Jumpsuit

Clinton’s political rival Donald Trump promises to send “Crooked Hillary” Clinton to prison if he gets elected as president. If you agree, you can add any silly Hillary mask (sold separately) to this orange prisoner uniform and create your own humorous Crooked Hillary prison costume for Halloween!

Donald Trump Halloween Mask

Trump Mask

Hillary’s Republican rival, Donald Trump, now has own Halloween mask. This caricature mask captures all of Donald Trump’s distinctive facial features so people everywhere will instantly recognize you as America’s most controversial billionaire!

President Donald Trump Mask

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Mask

Dress your partner up as the controversial millionaire if you want to go as the most unlikely couple on Halloween night!