Guy Fawkes Mask & V for Vendetta Costume for Sale

The iconic Guy Fawkes masks have become the chosen face disguise of modern activists who appropriated the classic mask for their political protests and social activism such as Anonymous and the Occupy movement. For those familiar with the comic book and movie “V for Vendetta,” the grinning mustached Guy Fawkes mask is worn by the protagonist V who battles the authorities of a fascist police state. This character was inspired by Guy Fawkes who was the 17th century Roman Catholic conspirator who was accused and convicted for execution for his alleged involvement in the Gunpowder plot to assassinate the Protestant King James I of England. If you are a big fan of the V for Vendetta, here is the mask inspired by that movie and revolutionary Guy Fawkes!

V for Vendetta Mask

Guy Fawkes Mask V for Vendetta

This V for Vendetta movie mask inspired by Guy Fawkes. If you want to be Anonymous for Halloween, you can don on this mask!


Adult V for Vendetta Costume

V for Vendetta Costume

If you want to dress up like Hugo Weaving’s character V in the movie, you will like this costume set!


Mr. Robot Fsociety Mask for Adults

Fsociety Mask from Mr. Robot

If you are a fan of the hit Mr. Robot show on USA Network, you will recognize this as the Fsociety Mask that the hacker group based in Coney Island wear on the show!

“V” is a mystifying revolutionary that works diligently to wipe out a totalitarian government that adversely affects the people in his community. This movie storyline takes place in England after a nuclear disaster where most of the planet was destroyed. A fascist government group eliminated their enemies and sent any prisoners to relocation camps, but they are not yet ruling under worldwide Marshall law conditions. The character “V” plots to kill his enemies who captured him and bring down this ruling party and encourage the people to self-govern. Thomas Jefferson said, “When people fear the government, there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people, there is liberty”. Thomas Jefferson was right, and “V” would have very much approved of the statement.

The ensemble costume for V consists of a black shirt and pants with the matching boot tops. A heroic long black cape is also included as well as his characteristic black gloves and black hat with matching black hat band. The next part of the costume is his utility belt with the six daggers, making him ready to fight off his enemies. And finally, the iconic Guy Fawkes mask that rebels like to wear these days. This is an awesome costume set that is available in sizes standard, and extra-large.

Every Halloween season, one task that many enjoy doing is searching for the perfect costume to wear for any Halloween event or for any costume theme party. Many people get excited for this because even for just one night, they get to live out their dreams and fantasy and be whoever they want to be. But for people who just cannot choose who to go as this Halloween one great source of characters to check out are the movies. Movies are the land of fantasy and imagination. From the movies, different characters, heroes and villains are introduced to the people. That is why many costumes that people wear nowadays are usually from their favorite movies.

One of the most famous movies that have an interesting character which some people love to wear is the movie V for Vendetta. V for Vendetta is a movie about a masked vigilante known by his alias “V”. His main goal is to destroy the totalitarian regime which is ruled by the High Chancellor Adam Sutler. V invited the people to bring down the houses of parliament on November 5, a year from the day he announced it on the TV station. As the date draws nearer, V starts the revolution with his different various schemes which caused Britain some chaos making the population more intolerant.

When the eve of November 5 arrives, V shows himself to Evey where he shows her the train that he has loaded up with explosives to blow up the parliament. He entrusted the choice to end the parliament to Evey because he believed that he should not make the ultimate decision. After trusting the train to Evey, he then kills Creedy where he was badly wounded. He went back to Evey and he thanked her for everything. He dies and Evey places his body on the train.

With a movie like that and V’s admirable and eccentric character and logic, fans could not help but love the movie and its character. That is why when Halloween comes around, the V for Vendetta costumes are such a big hit. Many consider V for Vendetta one of the best films that were released in the movie industry that is why it is no surprise that many people love living out their dream to be a part of this movie by wearing the V for Vendetta costumes. So if you want to be a masked vigilante this Halloween, the V costume may be the perfect one for you.

As for the history of the movie, you have to look first look at its inspiration: the V for Vendetta comic book series which is quite political in nature. The hero in the series is named V, who is a revolutionary who has made it his aim to overthrow the abusive and totalitarian government. This is actually set in a fictional post-nuclear war Britain. The government is led by a fascist party, Norsefire, who has violently killed all his enemies and has made the country prey to his iron and abusive hands. This is why V is considered as a hero by many, despite the fact that nobody knows his identity. The antagonist in this series wears a mask. And his heroic efforts to relieve the country of his arch-nemesis have made him the unforgettable character that he already is. Now, because of the brooding and excellent depiction in the comic book, V has actually become one of the most renowned characters ever.