Donald Trump Halloween Masks for Sale

Trump Halloween Masks 2020Whether you're going to a fun Halloween costume party or serious political rally, President Donald Trump masks are the most controversial masks to wear for 2020. Donald Trump surprised many people around the world by winning America's most heated Presidential election in history. The incredible media frenzy over US politics was due to this celebrity billionaire who overcame his political rivals and critics to become the GOP's most polarizing president of the United States. The once long-shot Republican contender for the presidency has become the ultimate American media sensation due to his outspoken political views and behavior. After many controversial twists and turns, we are now heading into another controversial election year! Whichever side you are on, now is your chance to make a statement with your own Donald Trump costume for this Halloween season.

Best Donald Trump Costume Ideas

Inflatable Baby Donald Trump Costume

Inflatable Baby Trump Costume with Sound Effects

If you think the politicians have an overinflated ego, this costume is perfect for you. You can recreate the infamous Baby Trump balloon as an inflatable Baby Trump costume for this Halloween! In addition, this inflatable Donald Trump costume even has an integrated sound chip for funny sound effects.

Donald Trump Halloween Mask

President Trump Halloween Mask

This caricature mask captures all of billionaire's distinctive facial features so people everywhere will instantly recognize you as America's most controversial billionaire!

President Donald Trump Mask

Deluxe Donald Trump Mask

This is one of the popular deluxe quality Trump Halloween masks for this season. You can also wear these full size adult masks at political events and rallies!


Pinocchio Donald Trump Mask aka Doncchio

Doncchio The Pinocchio Donald Trump Mask

If you think the President tells too many untruths and have strong opinions against him, you will prefer this unflattering Pinocchio Donald Trump mask for Halloween! This controversial Pinocchio Trump mask is also known as the Doncchio mask. You can wear these adult masks at political events and rallies if you want to turn heads and attract some attention!


Inflatable Pick Me Up Donal Trump Costume

Inflatable Presidential Pick Me Up Trump Costume

This zany controversial adult costume creates the illusion that you are being picked up by an inflated president.

Carry Me President Donald Trump Costume

Carry Me President Donald Trump Costume

This clever Halloween costume creates the brilliant and hilarious illusion that you are getting a silly piggyback ride from President Trump himself! This outfit includes the billionaire's signature attire, a black suit with red power tie, and attached caricature face mask! Add your own costume on top to create whatever opinion or statement about the the Commander in Chief. You'll be the life of this year's Halloween party with this disguise!

Pouting Trump Mask

Pouting Trump Mask

This Halloween mask captures President Trump's iconic pout expression that you see on comedy kits like the one with Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live so people will instantly recognize who you are! This mask fits most adults.


Vladimir Putin Mask for Halloween

Vladimir Putin Halloween Mask

This is the new deluxe Putin mask for Halloween. Disguise yourself as Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president and former KGB agent for the Soviet Union.


Adult George Washington Costume

North Korea Kim Jong Un Mask

Now you can dress up as the infamous dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un for Halloween this season! Only a limited amount in stock left so buy your own rocketman Kim Jung Halloween mask before they are sold out!


Loud Mouth Donald Trump Halloween Mask

"Loud Mouth" Donald Trump Mask

If you lean towards the left and not a fan of the billionaire president, you might prefer this more disturbing and scary Trump Halloween mask. But if you hate liberals, you can wear this mask and chase them away on Halloween night. Not recommended for little kids.

Big Head Melania Trump Mask

Big Head Melania Trump Mask

If you want to be the first supermodel First Lady for Halloween, we recommend this oversized Melania mask!


Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

If you dislike billionaire Donald Trump, make yourself feel better with his personalized brand of toilet paper.


Giant Donald Trump Mask

Giant Donald Trump Head Mask

If you want a head mask that matches the size of his ego, you can put on this exclusive big head Donald Trump mask featuring his hilarious smirk expression. Mask dimensions are 16.5”H X 13”L.


Donald Trump Taco Costume

Create Your Own Donald Trump Taco Costume

Mr. Trump loves Mexican food. You can show his love by creating your own Trump Taco Halloween costume. All you need to do is add your favorite Trump mask (sold separately) to a Taco costume and you are set to make everyone laugh on Halloween!

Hillary Orange Prison Jumpsuit

Create Your Own Crooked Hillary Prison Costume

Donald Trump promises to send "Crooked Hillary" to prison if he gets elected as president. If you agree, you can add any silly Hillary mask (sold separately) to this orange prisoner uniform and create your own funny Crooked Hillary Clinton prison Halloween costume!

Donald Trump on Wood Stick Mask

Trump Head on a Stick Mask

If you want his head on a "popsicle" stick, you should get this Trump on a wood stick head mask.


Donald Trump Wig

Donald Trump Wig

If you don't want to wear a mask, you can go with this blonde men's wig shaped like his iconic hairstyle.


Mens Black Suit Costume

Mens Black Suit Costume

This professional looking black suit will work well for any political figure Halloween costume. Available in men's size small (teen) to x-large.

Barakula Dracula Obama Mask

Vampire Obama Mask

If you want to add a silly Halloween twist on your president mask, you will want this "Baracula" Dracula Obama mask. This Dracula / Vampire Obama mask is a full size over-the-head latex Halloween mask.

If you want to step into the shoes of our current president and experience the power and controversy of Trump this Halloween season, put on one of these deluxe Donald Trump mask. If you are look like him, you can just get one of his wigs to mimic his trademark hairstyle! There are all sorts of props that you can wear to reconstruct America's most controversial president in history! Love him or hate him, he will be a popular man of this season.