Richard Nixon Halloween Masks for Sale

The famous line “I am not a crook!” was Richard Nixon’s memorable phase that haunted his term as President of the United States. “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s reputation and unique facial features make him an easy target for political satire and ultimately a political caricature for a Halloween mask. Disguise yourself as one of America’s most of notorious political figures in US History for Halloween!

Richard Nixon Halloween Mask Sale

Richard Nixon Mask

This caricature mask of Richard Nixon is made of vinyl and enhanced with Nixon’s telltale nose and toothy grin! Add some humor to politics with this hilarious President Nixon Halloween Mask!


JFK John F. Kennedy Mask

John F. Kennedy Mask

Nixon’s rival during the 1960 Presidential election was JFK. who won and became the 35th President of the United States. This is an over-the-head vinyl JFK mask for adults.