President George Washington Costumes

George WashingtonIf you are feeling nostalgic for President's Day which is next month, you can celebrate our country's founding father, George Washington, by dressing up just like him! Mr. Washington became the first official President of the United States of America, building a strong foundation for the country. Acting as commander in chief during the Revolutionary War (1775–1783), he helped lead the Americans to win independence from the British Empire. This great man also helped draft the United States constitution in 1787 and was officially elected by the public in 1789 (winning 100 percent of the electoral votes) to become the US President. He served for two terms and refused to run for a third term. President Washington played a huge role in the birth and success of the country. For this reason, this historical figure remains to be a very popular costume character for both children and adults for patriotic events and celebrations!

Best George Washington Costume Ideas

Boys George Washington Costume

Boys George Washington Costume

This fancy and affordable kid George Washington costume will impress your child's classmates and teacher with its sophisticated colonial style. This early American outfit includes the traditional jacket with attached tan vest with buttons, white cravat, and black boot tops.

Adult George Washington Costume

Men's Founding Father Costume

This is a good formal colonial style George Washington costume if you want to reenact famous historical events like the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This outfit includes a decorated black colonial jacket, vest front with jabot, and black elastic waist pants.

Adult George Washington Costume

Plus Size General Washington Costume

Suit up in this plus size General Washington costume. Lead the Revolutionary War in this classic and handsome costume features a blue jacket with decorative buttons and gold trim, halter style vest front, matching elastic pants, black boot covers with gold trim, & hat.

Adult George Washington Costume

Mens Colonial Wig

If you need a classic white wig to complete your President Washington costume, we recommend this stylish colonial white wig which includes a tied short.

George Washington Child Costume

Boy's George Washington Costume

This colonial costume for kids includes a blue colonial coat, tan shirt with vest-front, matching pants, and tri-corn hat. A very stylish child George Washington costume at an affordable price.

Washington Disguise Set

George Washington Disguise Kit

This Heroes In History disguise kit includes a colonial white wig and collar jabot.

Colonial Hat with Wig Child

Colonial Hat with Wig Child

This classic black tricorn style hat with attached white wig with ponytail will complement any colonial outfit.

Children documentary of President Washington.

George Washington's Birthday is February 22nd so if you like to celebrate our first President of the United States, you can consider dressing up like him to honor his patriotism.