Detective Sherlock Holmes Costume Ideas for Halloween

Are you inspired by a book, a poem, or a character from your favorite novel series and want to create a literary-themed costume? If you have an inquisitive nature and want to tap into your inner sleuth, you can suit up in your very own Sherlock Holmes costume this Halloween season. The fictional detective with a knack for solving the most intricate crime cases is the master creation of British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The character’s stories, television shows, and movies have inspired a variety of detective costumes. Whether you desire an authentic Sherlock Holmes costume or just looking into the basic accessories to create your own Sherlock Holmes costume, you’ll help you find your best options here. No matter what you decide, be sure to include all the extras, including a pipe, magnifying glass, shoes, and all the other things necessary to pull your look together.

Adult Sherlock Holmes Costume

Adult Sherlock Holmes Coat Costume

If you need Sherlock’s iconic coat and hat, this is the costume to get!. This button down classic English detective coat and hat will make you instantly recognizable as the classic fictional hero of England. Avaiable in men sizes x-small to x-large. Also available in men’s plus sizes and kid sizes.

Female Sherlock Holmes Costume for Women

Female Sherlock Holmes Costume for Women

Women also love Sherlock Holmes. Netflix’s successful movie Enola Holmes is about Sherlock Holmes younger sister named Enola, played by Millie Bobbie Brown. Her character has peaked women’s interest into the Sherlock Holmes folklore. If you want to pay homage to this character, you can dress up as the female Sherlock Holems in this attractive female detective coat, pants, and matching cap! Available in sizes small to x-large.

Child Sherlock Holmes Costume for Kids

Kids Sherlock Holmes Costume

This is the exclusive child Sherlock Holmes costume! This ensemble includes Holmes’ iconic detective coat for kids and hat with ear flaps. This fantastic costume is available for kids of all sizes ranging from x-small to 2x. Please click on the costume image to see the size chart and costume sizing tips.

There’s a lot to admire about Sherlock Holmes especially this Halloween for thousands of his fans. His intelligent machinations and groundbreaking actions make him so fantastic to watch! Sherlock Holmes’ matchless detective talent lies in his powers of observation and deductive reasoning that allows him to resolve intense crimes with detailed case-solving wrap-ups from the smallest of details. If you are one of his fans who have loved this titular witty character, then show your admiration for the man by dressing in Sherlock Holmes this Halloween and be the best detective at your next costume party!

Halloween is that special time of the year where people can use their wildest imaginations and dress up as anyone they want for a night. Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective based in London is the perfect costume to trick or treat in. The long jacket, truly British cap, magnifying glass, and classic pipe make this costume a great idea for your next Halloween party or themed birthday party.