Winnie the Pooh Costume Ideas

Winnie the Pooh Costumes

Winnie the Pooh costumes are available for everyone of all ages and sizes, from babies and toddlers to children and even the adults! And they even make pet costumes for your dog! The youngest wearers of Winnie the Pooh costumes will be snugly cute in Winnie the Pooh costumes that are designed as a one-piece jumpsuits in a soft, warm fleece. The signature red “Pooh” shirt and a pull-up character hood (or separate hat in some cases) makes these Winnie the Pooh costumes instantly recognizable. Some of these Winnie the Pooh costumes have attached footies while others can be worn with matching yellow socks. For newborns, there are bunting Winnie the Pooh costumes that are fashioned as an enclosed gown that will keep very young babies secure and warm on a blustery night of trick-or-treating with parents and older siblings.

Tigger Pajama CostumeIf you wish, have the whole family suit up in other different characters from the Winnie the Pooh storybooks. These other character costumes include the timid little Piglet, the always-ready-to-bounce tiger named Tigger, and the curmudgeon donkey named Eeyore. The majority of these outfits are styled with the same one-piece jumpsuit design but in different colors and with different details specific to each character.

Eeyore Pajama CostumeMoreover, you can make a fun themed celebration even more honey-licious with Pooh Bear paper party supplies such as plates, napkins, cups, favors and more that coordinate with Winnie the Pooh costumes. There are even adult-sized Winnie the Pooh costumes for parents who want to dress up and make a surprise appearance at a child’s special birthday party.

Piglet Pajama CostumeBe ready to eat some delicious honey cake when wearing one of the Winnie the Pooh costumes, because this bear always has a little “rumbly in his tumbly”. The best accessory for Winnie the Pooh costumes is a small plastic honey pot as honey is most definitely Pooh Bear’s ongoing obsession. You could pick an official prop for Winnie the Pooh costumes or just bring along you own little tub hand-marked with “HONEY”. Winnie the Pooh costumes are an always fun choice for Halloween parties, First birthday parties or just rambling through your own version of the 500-acre Woods.

Furthermore, this classic character is even popular these days in the news. Chinese and Hong Kong citizens critical of their government now use Winnie the Pooh as a meme to poke fun at China's communist leader Xi Jinping. These Winnie the Pooh and Xi Jinping memes became so viral on the Internet that the communist government of China now censors any references to this classic Disney character!