Bernie Sanders Halloween Masks for Sale

Some may call him a Social Democrat while others label him a Socialist. Join the political revolution this Halloween by disguising yourself as America’s most controversial Democrat, Bernie Sanders, who ran as a candidate against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President! Through his restless actions for political and social change, this outspoken candidate is making waves in Washington D.C. You can also make your own waves during this year’s election or Halloween season, by dressing up as this controversial political figure. You can either show your support or dissent with these new political Halloween masks!

2016 Bernie Sanders Mask

Bernie Sanders Mask

Now you can disguise yourself as this year’s political underdog and Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. This great parody masks displays Bernie’s distinct features that everyone will instantly recognize on Halloween.


Feel The Bern T-shirt

Feel The Bern T-Shirt

This quality made cotton t-shirt features a caricature ofa muscular Bernie Sanders with his famous political slogan, “Bern Baby Bern.” Available for men or women in sizes small to xx-large.


Donald Trump Halloween Mask

Donald Trump Mask

America’s most controversial billionaire is also this year’s most popular Halloween character! This political parody mask captures all of Donald Trump’s unique angry facial features so people will instantly recognize you on Halloween night!