President Theodore Roosevelt Costume Ideas

Theodore Roosevelt was born to a Dutch family in New York City on October 27, 1858. As a child he suffered through a number of illnesses so his father had a gymnasium built for him to help him build his strength, improving his health. He studied hard, attended Harvard College, and graduated in 1880. This ambitious man prospered in his career as an author, lawyer, and a public official. Theodore Roosevelt became the youngest President at the age of 42 when he took office in the White House back in 1901, serving two consecutive terms.

Teddy Roosevelt Costume Ideas for 2019

Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume

Adult Theodore Roosevelt Costume

Suit up as the 26th president of the United States: Teddy Roosevelt!

Boys Theodore Roosevelt Costume

Kids Theodore Roosevelt Costume

This Teddy Roosevelt costume is designed with his iconic look for kids. Great for school presentations, history projects, and school theater!

The Teddy Roosevelt costume is composed of the absolute necessities to embark on your historical presidential adventure. The Roosevelt look consists of matching khaki jacket, pants and belt inspired by the style of the famous adventurer. Additionally, it comes with a signature blue bandanna meant to be worn tied around the neck. The President Roosevelt ensemble would not be complete without his iconic mustache as well as round spectacles. No adventurer would set out on his next expedition without a stylish hat. The Roosevelt hat is designed similarly to a panama hat made of suede material and adorned with a gold star.

If you like to learn more about this remarkable man, keep reading. For his personal life, he went through two marriages. The first one was to Alice Hathaway Lee, who died two days after the birth of their daughter, Alice. Theodore’s mother died of typhoid fever that same day. His second marriage was to Edith Kermit Carow. They had five children. He spent two years as a rancher in the Dakota Territory where he gained a love for the beauty of nature. He served in many public offices, namely: state legislator, Republican minority leader, Civil Service Commissioner, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Vice President and President. During the conflict between the Cubans and the Spanish, he formed and rode with a cavalry unit known as the Rough Riders.

Teddy accomplished many achievements in his lifetime. After living as a rancher in the Dakota Territory for about two years, Roosevelt returned to New York City. There he ran for mayor but came in last in a three-way race. After losing the race he turned to literary and historical writing. He wrote mostly biographies. He wrote about Thomas Hart Benton in l886, Governor Morris in 1888, and published the first two volumes of his well-researched Winning of the West in 1889.

Then Teddy ran as William McKinley’s Vice Presidential running mate in 1900. Following the assassination of McKinley he became the President of the United States. He made many great accomplishments during his time as President. During his presidency the Panama Canal was completed. The armed forced were greatly expanded and through Roosevelt’s negotiations the United States became a world presence by establishing bases all over the world. The U.S. Forest Service was established and was instrumental in preserving many wilderness places in the U.S. This was especially important to Roosevelt because of the love he had gained for the out of door while he lived in the West. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in negotiating between the Japanese and the Russians during their war. The Food and Drug Administration was established to improve the conditions of food preparations. He raised the Presidency back to the level of Lincoln.

And possibly his greatest achievement was that of family man and humanitarian. His love for his first wife was shown in how deeply he grieved for her after her death. He also had high regard for his second wife. Of her he said, “Whenever I go against her judgment, I regret it.” He raised six children, one by his first wife and five by his second. He was also a loving grandfather. The secret to his public success was his high moral values. He used his high office to curb private greed and power in a day when there was a lot of abuse by big business, waste of our natural resource, and loss of traditional values. His remarkable personality gave him his popular support. He was colorful, witty, robust, outspoken, and humane.

Teddy Roosevelt died unexpectedly in 1919 of a blood clot to the heart. He had been ill since he contracted jungle fever while in the Brazilian jungle. He was a great leader who accomplished many things during his life. He was an authors, statesman, family man and humanitarian. He loved nature, family, and life. The United States of today owes a lot to the accomplishments of this President. He made us into a world presence, preserved our natural resources, and worked for fairness in political and business practices. He was one of our greatest presidents.